The Talentful team

Michael Matthies | Chief Executive Officer

Michael been around the Seattle start-up space for quite a while having founded Groundswelll (integrated Web Analytics platform) and Détente Software (PAN stack for syncing Media Files). Prior to joining Talentful, he founded Ockham Partners, an incubation & strategy consulting group focused on helping emerging technology companies grow their teams.

Michael holds a Bachelor Degree Washington State University. He is as passionate about running and coaching boys' soccer team as growing startups.  

Jia Chen | Chief Product Officer/Founder

Jia Chen brings deep experience as an entrepreneur, product manager and software developer to Talentful. He founded three companies with one acquired, one failed and one in progress. He managed dozens of software projects, which still impacting companies like AT&T, Bank of America and 60% of schools in North America. He is extremely passionate about applying data and automation to solving everyday problems.

Jia holds a MBA from Emory University and M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Regina. In addition to his passion for startups and coding, he is addicted to triathlon, rock climbing, photography, fly fishing and hiking. 

Shane @ Talentful
Shane Shown | Sales/Service

Shane Shown is a self-start entrepreneur since he was in second grade. His first business venture was at the age of eight when he drew and sold Pokémon bookmark cards to kids in his school, hustling on the playground. Since then, Shane has expanded companies into international growth such as National Services Group. He also taught entrepreneurship to students at the University of Washington, Western Washington University, Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. Before joining Talentful, he created a boutique software staffing agency known as NxT Level helping companies build software development team. He enjoys challenging the status quo!

On his spare time, he enjoys CrossFit, Brazilian jiu jitsu, reading books, and roaming around Seattle for craft beer and cold brew coffee.