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Searching keywords on sites like LinkedIn simply doesn't cut it...

Our machine learning sourcing tool leverages actual code and endless amounts of public data to deliver phenomenal technical candidates.

Find the Best Developers On Talentful, Instantly

More Than Keywords

Conventional sourcing sites rely on keyword matching with a single source of data. Talentful analyzes actual code, social outreach, events, activities as well as personal interests from endless amounts of data to bring you the most accurate leads within the technical recruiting context.

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You Don't Need to be Technical to Discover Awesome Leads

We trained our AI engine with 1.3MM software related Wikipedia pages. On Talentful, you don't have to be technical discover awesome leads. Our AI technologies not only understand synonym such as “js” and “javascript”, but can also predict “node”, “angular” and “backbone”as related to "javascript". It helps you narrow down the most qualified software developers, instantly.

Talentfuls helps you navigate the labyrinth of technical skills

No More False Claims

How many Linkedin profiles have listed skills they don't have? Don't worry. We analyze real-time, passive data from social media, academic papers, blogs, open-source code, questions, and events to ensure that only genuinely qualified developers are presented.

Talentfuls helps validate claims on resumes

Higher Response Rate

We believe high response is a result of personalized message and diversified communication channels. That's why we provide deep insights and automation tools that help you personalize emails. Additionally, we help you connect with each candidate on multiple social media.

Talentfuls gives you multiple channels to contact great developers

Flexible Search

Sourcing developer leads today is more than simply searching a list of candidates. You may come across terrific candidates from social events or email news letters. That's why Talentful offers you a flexible search.

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How does it work?

How does Talentful outbound sourcing work?

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