Talentful Quadruples Your Referral Leads Automated Employee Referrals

Today, 40% of developer hires come from referrals

Instead of asking employees to share links, we automatically discover their qualified friends for specific jobs and quadruple your referral leads.

Talentful Quadruples Your Referral Leads

4X More Referral Leads

Employees hate to share job links via their social media. Instead, our technologies can comb through their thousands of contacts to automatically find the most qualified friends for specific roles, without the them lifting a finger. The result? We have quadrupled our clients' developer referral leads within the first week after using Talentful.

Talentful Quadruples Your Referral Leads

Better Quality Referral Leads

A shotgun approach to employee referral has proven to bring more trouble than the benefits. Our sophisticated candidate engine searches and evaluates individuals for specific job requirements to serve you only the best referral leads. Instead of getting bogged down by the sheer volume of profiles, you can now focus on providing the best candidate experiences and bring them onboard quickly.

Talentful improves your developer referral program, significantly.

Complex Processes Made Simple

Would you like a tiered referral bonus structure? How about anonymous referrals? Real time updates on a referral's status? Don’t worry, we support all of these.

Talentful supports complex referral process

How does it work?

How does Talentful referral automation work?

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