Talentful Enhance Your Inbound Channel Inbound Lead Prioritization

Overwhelmed by Resume Bots?

Bots are good at putting keywords everywhere. You need a second line of defense. We search, analyze and match your inbound candidates and accurately discover the real gems.

Talentful Enhance Your Inbound Channel

The Ultimate Defender Against Resume Bots

Although resume bots are becoming more and more sophisticated, they still leave traces behind and bear consistent pattern in their writing styles, skill sets and even contact. Our Identity Resolution technology can quickly and accurately discover these patterns and flag them. The result? A clean and productive inbound channel.

Talentful prioritizes your inbound channel, accurately.

Seamless Integration with Your ATS

We integrate with most mainstream ATS such as Jobvite and Greenhouse. Once connected, we will automatically analyze every candidate that has applied to flag bots and prioritize your talent pipeline based on your job requirement. We will also automatically add notes and links to Talentful profiles of candidates to your ATS.

Talentful integrates with your ATS.

How does it work?

How does Talentful inbound prioritization tool work?

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