About Talentful


Talentful helps technology companies make fast and accurate decisions on hiring software developers. We leverage machine learning to provide hiring managers and recruiters deep insights into an individual’s personality, skill set and interests. Our engine qualifies and ranks candidates by matching these insights with specific job requirements or existing employee characteristics. Our offer a simple web portal and integration with major Applicant Tracking Systems including Greenhouse, Jobvite, Lever and Jazz to help users take advantage of our sophisticated analysis easily.

How did we start

After spending 12 years in the software industry, Jia had worked with countless recruiters, hired many teams and knew the tremendous value of hiring the right developers. At his last job, he was constantly presented with poor candidates and he immediately saw opportunities in the HR technology space. Matt joined shortly after, having each started companies before and knowing the challenges of hiring the right people.

They tried several ideas in the hiring space that related to interviewing and sourcing. They soon realized after interviewing and working with over 100 companies, nearly all recruiters were not technical and yet only spent 6-10 seconds looking at resumes to determine whether a developer should move on. For example, they found most recruiters they talked to couldn’t tell that React, Node, Angular and Ember were essentially related to Javascript. This caused many candidates to get rejected before they even hit the interview stage. Jia examined some of candidates who got rejected and was surprised to find many of them actually qualified.

The solution immediately became clear at that point: a software that is capable of connecting the dots, removing bias, looking beyond resumes and providing actionable insights. Most importantly, it needed to perform all of these at high speed.

What do we build

Talentful uses machine learning to analyze lots of data points of a potential hire. We provide the most in-depth analysis on their skill sets, interests, and personality. As Talentful focuses on developers, we’ve built specialized tools that are custom to the tech talent segment. For example, our engine studies the characteristics of existing star employees to make more accurate hiring recommendations on candidates. Our engine also has mapped out the relationship among different programming languages, frameworks, APIs and tools, making our matching precise and contextual.