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Hiring developers shouldn't be so damn hard!

Talentful uses machine learning to help you discover actionable developer leads.


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Unique Talent Leads

Social Sourcing

Tired of outdated, exaggerated resumes? We analyze actual code, publications and social activities to bring you the best leads.

Social Content

Developer Referral is already 13x more effective than conventional hiring channels. Our tool make it even more so.

No response from potential leads? Our insight on skills, interests, and personality help personalize your messages.

Discover Unique Developer Talent Leads

Beyond Keywords and Resumes

Our AI technologies not only understand synonym such as “js” and “javascript”, but can also predict “node”, “angular” and “backbone”as related to "javascript". Our search technologies analyze actual code and publications to help recruiters gain confidence in their decisions.

Comprehensive Insight

Skilled in which programming languages? Proficient in which frameworks? Interested in what topics? Our recommendation on talent comes with deep insight and statistical confidence.

Social Media Outreach

On Talentful, recruiters and engineering managers are able to connect and engage on multiple social channels to increase their odds of starting a conversation with top engineers.

Your Developer Referral Program on Steroids

Increased Employee Engagement

Do you know on average every employee has 2000 emails on their contact list? For every referral they make, it takes them hours to discover the qualified friends. Our technologies can take the heavy lift, so they don’t.

Sophisticated Auto-Referrals

Instead of asking employees to share links, we automatically discover qualified developer leads for specific jobs on their contact lists. Employees don’t have to worry about new jobs being added. They simply expect an email coming with referral recommendations based off Talentful Discoveries and Insight.

Support Complex Process

Having a tiered referral bonus structure? Need to have anonymous referrals? Need to inform employee their friends’ status in time? Don’t worry, we support all of these.

ATS Integration

We can automatically export qualified leads directly into your ATS and update their status. Your work process is seamless and intact.

"Jia and Matt have built something special with Talentful and we've used it to consistently fill our hiring pipeline with great candidates."

@Collin Stewart, CEO at Predictable Revenue

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