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Faster Hiring

With our 12MM developer profiles updated daily and Automated Referral Engine, you are instantly guaranteed unique, qualified talent leads including those absent from LinkedIn.

Hiring Cost Reduction

Paying for ATS, email finder, email tracker, sourcing tools, referral engine, Chrome extension...? We offer all these with straightforward pricing.

Technical Skills Needed

Our Semantic Search engine optimizes your query by processing synonyms and related concepts. Even if you are not technical, we help you find the perfect matches.

Requirements are hard, but Talentful made them easy

Find all talent within 100 miles of Seattle or zip code 94141 or One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA and:

  • must have written good code in Python AND Java AND, should knows either Postgres or MySQL
  • have worked as Software Developer or Software Engineer but not as Manager
  • have worked for Google or Facebook but never for BCG or Deloitte
  • graduated from Carnegie Mellon or Emory but not from University of Phoenix
  • have Master degree in Computer Science
  • are members of Ladies Who Code Meetup Group
Then rank leads via the combination of
  • the quality of their code
  • their social influence
Then add these profiles to my project on Talentful and invite my colleagues to collaborate, or export to Jobvite

Then batch send these leads emails with template and track open rate

Have you seen all these features on other sourcing platforms?

Massive Talent Pool
We painstakingly curate millions of talent leads by combing digital breadcrumbs on public domains and updates the records on a daily basis. Say goodbye to LinkedIn and outdated resumes.
Contact Finder
Get emails and other contact information validated by artificial intelligence for all your ideal leads.
Referral Discovery
Let our engine automatically discover qualified developer friends for your employees to refer and boost your referrals by 10X within a week.
Semantic Search
Our search engine processes synonyms and related skills for your queries. Even if you are not technical, we help you find the best matches.
Search by Email/Github
Search individuals by email or Github ID. Our platform helps you discover insight beyond resumes and Linkedin profiles.
Actionable Insight
Past career track? School ranking? Interests? Favorite programming languages? Meetup groups? Live Tweets? We help you make informed decisions, fast.
Daily Updated Data
Resumes become outdated; LinkedIn profiles get neglected; we comb public domains daily to ensure your talent data are as fresh as a cucumber
ATS Integration
Prefer to keep profiles in your ATS? We support the integration with all major ATS in the market.
Hiring Collaboration
Hiring was never a one-person job. Invite your colleagues to make referrals, manage hiring pipeline, source leads and add notes.
Pipeline Management
Drag-n-drop profiles across multiple stages you define on the hiring Kanban board. It's as easy as that.
Email Scheduling
Schedule batch or individual emails to your favorite candidates. We take care of the rest.
Email Tracking
Need feedback on your email performance? We help you track send, open, and click-through rates to help you curate the best messages.

Powering Thousands to Generate Millions of Talent Leads

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"Talentful have built something truly special and we've used it to consistently fill our developer pipeline with phenomenal candidates."

@Collin Stewart, CEO at Predictable Revenue
Instant Sourcing

Say hello to all of your ideal developers even if they are not on LinkedIn

Find the right talent at the right time to maximize your chance of closing the hire.

Talentful Offers You Deep Insights

Source by skills, experience, education, interests, email, Github ID and more

Talentful Offers You Deep Insights

Diversity hiring is hard? Let us help you ace it

Our unique ability to search leads who express interests in diversity-related Meetup Group or topics on public sites combined with massive data allows us to help find qualified talent with the right profiles.

Automated Developer Referrals

Let's increase your developer referral by 10X within the first week with money-back guaranteed

Talentful Offers You Deep Insights

Employees grant us access to their contacts; Then, you sit and watch referrals go through the roof.

Talentful Offers You Deep Insights

Need support for complex referral bonus and anonymous referrals? You got it.

In addition to our ability to automatically discover qualified talent in employees' network, we also support tracking tiered-bonus allocation and allows employees to make both direct and anonymous referrals with ease.

Find Contacts & Gain Insights

Resumes and LinkedIn profiles are OK. Talentful insights are just extraordinary.

Few responded on LinkedIn? Don't worry we give you better channels to engage. Combine with the unprecedented insights, you are guaranteed to hear back.

Talentful Offers You Deep Insights

Digest the actionable insight on or LinkedIn with our Chrome Extension

Talentful Offers You Deep Insights
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